Victron Energy GlobalLink 520
Victron Energy GlobalLink 520
Victron Energy GlobalLink 520

Victron Energy GlobalLink 520

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SKU:  ASS030543020

The GlobalLink 520 connects your remote Victron system or individual products to VRM.

Through that portal, you can monitor current and historical system operation –such as battery voltage and state of charge – from anywhere in the world. VRM is free to use. Pre-installed and pre-paid SIM card: the GlobalLink comes with 5 years of 4G LTE-M connectivity.
No need to purchase and maintain SIM-cards.

  • Smart device1)and VE.Directsupport: Connect up to 10 Victron smart products using BLE and two hard wired VE.Direct devices.
  • VRM-monitoring: Monitor battery state of charge, power consumption, power harvest from PV, generator and grid or check temperature measurements. Follow up on alerts and perform diagnostics checks.
  • RuuviTag support: These sensors connect via BLE and are easy to setup via VictronConnect. All the data, like temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure will be directly available in VRM.
  • Support for custom SIM cards.
  • Simple mounting and configuration: The GlobalLink 520 is wall mountable. The Bluetooth feature enables a quick connection and easy configuration via our VictronConnect app.
    Dimensions : 5.5x16x11cm
    Weight: 0.5 lbs