SOK 12V 206Ah Metal Heated LiFePO4 Battery *New BMS 2023*

SOK 12V 206Ah Metal Heated LiFePO4 Battery *New BMS 2023*

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*With new upgraded BMS April 2023*

Key Features:

  • Built-In Heating Pad - Good to  -20ºC!
  • Built-In Battery Management System 
  • Built-In Low-Temperature Sensor - Protects battery in extreme weather.
  • Over Charging and Discharging Protection
  • Current Over and Under Surge Protection
  • Long-Lasting: 4000-8000 cycles!
  • Only 50lbs  (shipping weight 53lbs)
  • 7-Year Warranty 

NOTE:  New BMS has a default setting to go to sleep after 6hrs if not connected to a load or charge source.  To wake up, connect to a power source/charger.  Battery will be 80-90% state of charge from our store.

For technical support please contact SOK USA.

ph: 725 765 2879

For most current technical help info (dec 2023) see SOK users forum

Dec 2023 latest version of SOK app (V 2.0.9) ABC BMS is on Apple and Android store.


NOTE:  Please split your purchases into 2 or more orders so as to remain under 30kg per order for shipping with Canada Post (max weight limit 30kg per item)

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