PHENex PS-M108HCBF-400W BiFacial Module

PHENex PS-M108HCBF-400W BiFacial Module

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Dark-PHENEX 400W Bifacial Module


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Extendable Product Warranty to 25 Years
5400Pa/5400Pa Static Mechanical Load Capacity.
Lower microcrack problem loss compared with 5-busbar module.
Lower degradation PERC technology.
Better temperature coefficients come from half-cell design.
Excellent anti-PID performance to ensure module’s stable power output.
Less partial shading current mismatch loss so more power output.

PS-M108-(HCBF)-400W Mono-Crystalline Bifacial Full-Black modules with power up to 410 Wp are produced using state-of-the-art (automated) robotic production lines.

These modules are suitable to be used for most electrical power applications and have excellent durability in prevailing weather conditions.

Tier 1 Modules made in Jordan